How do I know if my rims are suitable for Rimskins™?

Our research shows that 80% of the mag wheels on the market are suitable for Rimskins. They require a minimum flat surface of 8mm around the perimeter of the rim. If you have wheel with old style external wheel weight fitment, it is possible that they will not fit. The suitability of the wheel is the responsibility of the buyer, not Rimskins. If you are having difficulty deciding, feel free to send a photo of your wheel for our professional advice.


What size wheels does Rimskins™ fit?

Standard four pack fits up to 20″ rims. You can order custom size set for up to 28″ in our online shop 24/7.


Can I fit Rimskins™ to wheel rims with existing damage?

Rimskins are ideal for hiding existing minor damage or scratches. As long as there is a surface for the skin to stick and they are well applied, Rimskins will hide most perimeter damage. You may need to do some preparation or cleaning up where required. Learn how to correctly fit your Rimskins.


Can I wash my wheels with Rimskins™ fitted in a car wash?

When fitted correctly, Rimskins will tolerate any car wash or pressure washer.


How long will Rimskins™ last?

We have customers who are enjoying their eighth year from one set of well-fitted Rimskins. Please keep in mind that Rimskins is a sacrificial product and is intended to be replaced after absorbing kerb damage.


How do I remove them?

Removing Rimskins is easy.  Find the join, pull up the end and pull it back on itself. This should ensure that the minimum amount of adhesion is left on your rims and that can be removed easily using most cleaners and a fingernail.


Can I buy a single replacement skin?

Yes. You can buy a single skin of any colour and any size in our online shop.


Are Rimskins™ made in Australia?

Yes. Rimskins were invented and are manufactured in Melbourne, Australia. All the others are just cheap copies.


Can I have my tyres changed while Rimskins™ are fitted?

In most cases, no. However, more and more modern tyre changing machines are now capable of removing and refitting tyres without disturbing Rimskins.


What tools do I need to fit Rimskins™?

A cleaning cloth and a sharp pair of scissors.


How long does it take to fit them?

Most people can fit a set of Rimskins in around 20 minutes.


How do I clean my Rimskins™?

Most cleaning products, including wheel cleaners, will bring Rimskins back to looking like new.


Does it affect the balance of my wheels?

No, Rimskins will not affect the balance of your wheels.


What warranty does Rimskins™ come with?

Rimskins are covered by a 12-month warranty against manufacturing defects. We do not warranty improper fitment or consequential damage. Be sure to learn how to correctly fit Rimskins before applying them