The Rimskins Bash Meter



Rimskins™ offer an original way to protect valuable wheel rims from kerb scrapes and damage experienced while parking. Designed for the outer edge of the wheel, Rimskins™ delivers a barrier between the wheel rim and the kerb.


Rimskins™ are intended to be a sacrificial product that can go on guarding the rims after various scrapes. Rimskins™ can also be used to conceal present damage.




Unappealing damage from prior knocks and scrapes doesn’t need to be an pricy fix. Installation of Rimskins provide a fast, stress-free and visually pleasing substitute without having to remove your wheels.



Back to looking good as new with a short 5-10 minute installation per rim!

Aesthetically complements your wheels.


Rimskins are intended to be either, an understated addition to your rims (original silver/grey) or a bold statement, conditional to your colour choice.

Prepared with innovative polymers, Rimskins will guard your investment for years to come through various incidents.


From the conceptualisation there was an immense amount of effort put into development, to ensure the Rimskins blend to the rims. Request’s at the time were generally from consumers desiring an un-intrusive product, but which would accomplished the task of a) shielding the rim and b) covering pre-existing damage.


Over time interest began to generate for other colors, it became evident that there was a demand for colors that enhanced a vehicles look. Consequently the color range has developed into as popular choice as the original silver/grey.

Guard your investment.

Evade the annoyance of a stunning vehicle sitting on unattractive, scratched rims with this unassuming and low-cost solution.


UV Stable Polymer.

Rimskins are the only rim protector currently available that uses a two-part UV stable polymer, not conventional plastic. As a result our product is longer lasting, provides better protection and will not be compromised by exposure to the elements.

Extensive Colour Range

There’s a Rimskins colour to suit a range of tastes and styles. Our gallery pages for show a range of cars and may give you some inspiration in deciding which colour works for you.

Simple installation

Rimskins are an economical way to enhance your car’s appearance, its not necessary to remove the tire, and has a simple application process.

For each Rimskin, you’ll also have a Rimskins wipe that is essential for cleaning off road grime and priming the automotive grade adhesive ensuring a strong bond.


Greater Protection


Manufactured with innovative polymer technology, Rimskins gives years of protection through many scrapes and scratches

Simple to Install


You’ll be pleasantly amazed at just how quick and simple it is to install your Rimskins. Watch our installation video here.



Conceals Present Damage


Fitting your Rimskins on a wheel with existing damage covers edge marking, giving a renewed look to your wheels.



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