This was Dani’s first attempt at installing her Rimskins.

We have found that focus and a gentle touch often works better when applying the Rimskins!

Preparation and application is everything!


Fitting your new RimSkins…

Has never been easier, just follow these simple instructions and you’ll be amazed at how simple it is.

It is imperative that you clean your rims first with a solvent or Acetone (eg.Diggers from Bunnings) as per our fitting instructions. The wipes we provide are ONLY for removing excess solvent after you have cleaned the rims. All tyre shines, mag wheel cleaners (Armourall, Maguiars etc) use silicon, which can be hard to see or remove and it will stop the skins sticking properly to your wheels or may result in them coming off after a short time. This is why you have to use solvent first.

Due to Australia’s dangerous goods laws, we are unable to send solvent or acetone based product through the mail.


  • Read instructions before use.
  • The performance of this product is directly related to how well you prepare the wheel rim before application. Use a quality solvent/acetone (not supplied) and cloth to thoroughly clean the wheel rim. Wait 5 minutes for wheels to dry.
  • Now and only now use the Rimskins wipes provided to remove any excess solvent. Wipe with a clean rag and make sure it is completely dry.
  • Ensure the ends of the Rimskins have been cut off squarely. 
  • Peel 10cm of orange backing strip from adhesive strip.




  • Apply Rimskins from the top of the wheel rim and proceed in a clockwise or anti clockwise direction, removing the backing strip as you go. Avoid direct contact with tape surface. DO NOT stretch or pull the RimSkin, allow it to follow the rim without force.
  • When application is complete, use scissors or a sharp blade to trim Rimskins to the correct length.
  • Firmly press Rimskins onto the rim.
  • To clean, wipe over with wax and grease remover and cloth.

Note: The adhesive used on Rimskins requires 24 hours to fully cure but is suitable for immediate use.


Rimskins are only designed to protect wheel rims against kerb damage incurred at low speed while parking. Rimskins are not designed to protect wheel rims against kerb damage incurred at normal driving speeds.

Rimskins may not be suitable for all wheel rim designs.

The adhesive will not stick to surfaces that have been recently treated with a Teflon- or silicone-based preservative/dressing treatment. These treatments can be applied after the installation of Rimskins.