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I have a silver Honda Accord which looked a bit bland so I purchased rimskins
to break the silver and enhance the car’s appearance. Protection from hitting
kerbs was of secondary importance to me I followed fitting instructions to
the letter and waited half a day to let them set before I drove the car. I
only had one wheel that was scuffed and I cleaned that up with light sanding.
Result is terrific, they were easy to fit and the car looks great.

David Butterfield, Dianella WA

Hi Guys,

Just wanted to thank you for this amazing product. Not only has it covered up the damage from my terrible parking but it was so easy to apply and looks great.

I’ve attached before and after photos and will recommend to my fellow car enthusiasts!


David Lim

I must admit I was somewhat dubious about the quality of adhesion of this product, after reading some less than positive reviews.
That said, the ‘KEY’ is making sure your rims are crystal clean, and the product works well and as described.
I made the mistake of not filing/grinding back deep gutter rash on one wheel and paid the price of having to purchase another (single) strip to correct my error.
All in all, the product is excellent.
I have had several enquiries as to how and where I purchased this great product.
I was at a loss when I was told it would cost me over $120 per wheel to repair.
Until I found Rimskins! 

Jack Huston

My car was stolen earlier this year with Rimskins on it and despite the thief mounting a gutter at high speed and completely ruining the front suspension, the rims and Rimskins themselves remained in perfect condition when the vehicle was recovered – a great testament to the effectiveness of Rimskins.

Tristan Iseli


I have received my rimskin and have already fitted it.
I have used similar products and can say that rimskin is by far the best, I have used
Followed your instructions and it was so easy to use.
very happy worth the price.
Seymour Abaron

Since putting these on my wife’s car, accurate parking doesn’t matter so much. Should have invented these years ago. Provides protection against gutter damage and gives you peace of mind. Easy to fit, looks good and now I don’t have to worry about parking issues. Great product, saves lots of arguments…

Roy Brandner


Thank you! Great to buy a product that works BETTER than it claims for a change. 
Bruce Williams


Awesome Product. Fantastic customer service

Emad Nasralla

via Facebook

“What an awesome product, Rimskins has exceeded our expectations in both protecting our loan and demonstrator vehicles, but also offering our customers continued protection of their investment. The after sales service from Anthony & the guys at Rimskins is second to none.Well done Guys!!

Mark Bradly

Spare Parts Manager, Astoria Honda - Honda National Dealer of the Year 2008/09

Received my rimskins last week, took under 20 minutes to fit and they have already saved my front rim from damage, and they look great!.


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