What are Rimskins™?


Rimskins™ offer an innovative way to help protect wheel rims or reduce kerb damage incurred while parking or low speed gutter-rash. Rimskins™ can also be used to cover existing damage.

Fitted to the outer edge of the wheel, Rimskins™ provide a barrier between the wheel rim and the kerb. Made from a special polymer compound, they are specifically designed to be a sacrificial product that prevents typical wheel rim damage (gutter-rash). Rimskins™ cannot prevent serious damage to the wheels in circumstances involving speed or high forces.

Rimskins™ can be purchased in pre-cut lengths that will fit up to 20″ rims. Custom size lengths to fit wheels up to any size and single skins are also available to purchase.

How do I know if my rims are suitable for Rimskins™?

Our research shows that 80% of the mag wheels on the market are suitable for Rimskins. They require a minimum flat surface of 8mm around the perimeter of the rim. If you have wheel with old style external wheel weight fitment, it is possible that they will not fit. The suitability of the wheel is the responsibility of the buyer, not Rimskins. If you are having difficulty deciding, feel free to send a photo of your wheel for our professional advice.


“What an awesome product, Rimskins has exceeded our expectations in both protecting our loan and demonstrator vehicles, but also offering our customers continued protection of their investment. The after sales service from Anthony & the guys at Rimskins is second to none. Well done Guys!!”

Mark Bradly

Spare Parts Manager, Honda



Easy Installation

Simple and easy to install without having to remove your wheels

Superior Protection

RimSkins protect alloy wheels from kerb damage

Cover Unsightly Damage

Covers unsightly existing damage, creating a fresh new look

Long Lasting

Modern polymer design and manufacture ensures years of hassle free service

Range of colours

Whether choosing for highlight or to subtly hide damage, there’s a colour for you

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